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Privacy Policy

ApplicationU is deeply committed to the privacy of those using our services. Those using the application will have their information provided to ApplicationU and to the school(s) to which they apply. Students will also be placed on the appropriate mailing lists and email lists for ApplicationU to contact as appropriate.

ApplicationU does not release names or personal information for use under any circumstances to any organizations, companies or groups that do not meet the criteria outlined above.

ApplicationU collects and uses the personal information and data provided. The personal information you provide may include, but is not limited to, your name, address, email, telephone, graduation year, major(s) of interest, denomination, gender, ethnic background, GPA, high school type, high school name, CEEB Code, SAT, ACT, student type, college enrollment semester, date of birth, etc. This information is used for the purpose of fulfilling your request to apply to the Christian colleges of your interest. ApplicationU will not hold onto your user data longer than deemed necessary and will archive and ultimately delete your personal information.

When you visit our website we automatically collect the way you came to or found our website/information request forms. The reason for this is to determine internally how our efforts for marketing are performing. In a similar way we use Google Analytics and other possible ways to “track” how individuals access our site and information request forms to determine the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. We also track the emails (delivered, opened, click throughs, etc.) that are sent by ApplicationU in order to determine the effectiveness of those emails.

In the event of a “data breach”, ApplicationU will move quickly to investigate and resolve any data breach.

ApplicationU reserves the right to update or modify this privacy policy as needed.

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