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Complete one application to apply to multiple Christian Colleges.

Delete My Personal Information

For anyone applying to Christian colleges/universities through ApplicationU, their information will be used by The Christian Connector, Inc. / ApplicationU and Christian colleges/universities to respond to their application and the request for Christian college/university related information. Therefore, the information supplied by individuals using ApplicationU / The Christian Connector, Inc. will be sold to third parties such as Faith Based/Christian colleges and those related to Faith Based/Christian colleges. However, the student's/individual data will only be sold to Faith Based/Christian colleges and related organizations.

You have the right at any point to NOT have your personal information sold. If you would like to NOT have your personal information sold, please provide your email address below to indicate that request.

Also, if you would like to opt out from receiving future communication for any reason, or to have your personal information removed from The Christian Connector, Inc. / ApplicationU, please enter the email address below that you used when you first submitted your personal information. If we have a record of your original inquiry/application using that email address, we will send an opt out email to you. For security, this email will contain a link that you can click which will complete the opt out process and remove your personal information from our database.

Once removed from our database you will no longer be included in The Christian Connector / ApplicationU for future correspondence or application(s) submitted.

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